A New Study: Women are the Better Gamblers

The well-known company 888 Holdings carried out a study on the topic of women and sporting events. The result: It seems that women are better gamblers or more successful than men when it comes to betting on sports events. The company emphasized that this is not a representative study, but we still find it interesting to take a closer look at the evaluation.

New Rules for Sports Betting

Better Gamblers at Sports Betting

For some time now, the individual states have been responsible for regulating sports betting. Accordingly, business is booming, in some cases, such gambling had previously been banned in many regions. Now, however, more and more states are opening their doors and luring players with new gambling offers.

Due to the increased participation, the group behind the 888 Casino found it extremely interesting to take a closer look at the new gaming behavior. The results are surprising and show exciting differences, particularly with regard to the sexes. But what is really there?

Women are better gamblers in sports betting

With regard to sports events, it became apparent that women often submit a significantly more successful betting slip than the male competition. The ROI, i.e. the return on investment, was important in the study. This value is used to determine the ratio of investment to profit.

Women had an average return on investment of around 20%. The figure for men was significantly lower, in this study it was even in the negative range. It was also not only divided according to gender but also according to age. This showed that women between 35 and 44 years, in particular, were successful. The most successful age group for men was 45 to 54 years.

Matched betting options for the female tipster

Everything changes. Traditional male domains are occupied by women and the sexes lose their meaning. In the past, betting was also done in Germany, but the customer had little more than the classic, well-known 911 bet available. Today bookmakers sometimes offer their customers over 30,000 betting options per day. It is clear that the interest of the women (better gamblers) has been piqued and that you are not only participating in sports betting, but the number is growing. And if you believe the trend, nothing will change, more and more women will visit the online pages of bookmakers and place their sports betting there.

Women are better gamblers than Men

Women Vs Men as Better Gamblers

The result of this study was unpredictable and that’s why it’s so exciting. The question automatically arises whether women did something better than men. However, the people behind 888 Holdings emphasized that only results from the past few months were shown here. For a clear result, significantly more extensive studies would be required. Geographical regions must also be included more closely.

Nevertheless, the results of this study are not completely worthless, after all, they show an exciting trend that women should have been pleased about. The first researchers also speak up. For example, it can be assumed that women play more rationally. There is also talk of balance, and the stakes were generally lower.

Of course, concluding the whole from a few participants does not work. Nevertheless, it seems that women are often actually more careful and therefore more successful overall. It remains to be seen whether further research will be carried out here. A look at your own environment and your own playing behavior is definitely worth it. In any case, the study provides interesting food for thought that also lets us question our own gambling behavior.

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Women win, men lose

Sports betting business has recently been booming in the United States. Various bookmakers are concerned about US licenses and potential players to be awarded. The operator 888 Holdings has now published the results of a study (link in English) that breaks down the individual game of its customers by gender. The company has evaluated the data for the calculation since January 2019.

The possibly surprising finding: women are significantly are better gamblers or more successful than male players in sports betting on average.

While women were able to enjoy an average return on investment (ROI) of 19.79% in sports betting, the situation was significantly worse for men: their average ROI was not only below that of the players but at -4.6% even in the negative range.

According to the study, women in New Jersey statistically tend to conclude sports betting with an increase of around 20%. The average male weather, on the other hand, loses when betting on the outcome of a sporting event.

Big differences in Age Groups

The trend is also clear in the breakdown by age group: women between 35 and 44 years type most successfully. According to the study, your ROI is an extreme 129.6%. Her male peers, on the other hand, can only statistically record an increase of 0.88%. The difference is even more striking in the following vintages: While men between 25 and 34 have an ROI of -8.47%, the figure for women in the same age group is 127.06%.

Conversely, the calculations are shown in the age groups 45 to 54 and Ü65. With an average of -61.72% and -82.16%, the women achieved the worst results overall. Men between 45 and 54, on the other hand, achieve the best value of their gender with an ROI of 16.9%.

The authors of the study make it clear that their observations refer only to the data obtained in New Jersey in a few months and therefore do not allow any premature conclusions:

Socialization as a decisive factor?

In addition, the initiators of the study emphasize that there are no biological reasons for the widely differing results. That is why they dealt with cultural, psychological and strategic factors in order to find an explanation for the differences.

It is assumed that women (better gamblers) approach sports betting much more rationally than men, according to the initiators of the study. This could be attributed to the differences in the socialization of girls and boys in the United States with some probability.

On the one hand, a strong emotional bond to certain sports teams is less common among girls than among boys. So it is only logical that adult female players were more likely to be guided by their heads than their hearts when tapping sports events.

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