Gambling and the Battle of the Sexes

Basically, gambling seems to appeal to men, but women also always find their way into real casinos and online slot machines. Women like to experience the same thrill and enjoy the excitement. But what are the differences in terms of gaming behavior? We once looked at how women and men feel about gambling and how differently the type of gambling is statistically.

Women and Men play so differently in gambling

Men vs Women in Gambling

Both sexes like to play in the casino, but do they also like to play the same games? Here is the first important difference: Usually women prefer to play games where they take less risk. Games of chance without prior strategic knowledge are also preferred by the female gender. Men, on the other hand, seem to be fans of the strategy.

Another difference is that the female player is more likely to enjoy playing against a dealer. Men, on the other hand, appreciate playing with real teammates, mostly men. The direct competition seems to please men more. There is also a difference in the size of the stakes: women prefer smaller stakes, men are more the high rollers and vary their stakes significantly more often.

Of course, there are only tendencies here, there are always some exceptions. Women also like to gamble and take risks here and there. However, the statistics show that women tend to play cautiously and compete against the dealer, while men are more willing to take risks and like competition very much. But the effect is the same: thrill and joy about a small or big win.

How do women and men perceive losses?

Men and women show different emotions when they win or lose. When lost, women tend to be sad or nervous, while men are often aggressive. However, it should also be noted here that these are only statistics and this behavior does not apply to all players.

Different seasons

Most of the time it is women who do their duties before they turn to gamble. Gambling addiction can, of course, affect both genders, but statistically, there are still more men who are addicted to gambling.

It is also interesting that women often start playing later, i.e. at an advanced age. At the same time, they like online betting because then they can play at a self-determined time. Men, on the other hand, enjoy “real” poker games with friends or a visit to the casino, not infrequently on their own.

Both genders Love Slots

And now a nice thing in common at the end: Although men like to play table games and women often go directly to the slot machine, in the end, both genders have the same fun at the slots. Especially when it comes to fast play, slot machines are a popular choice. This also shows that in the end, both sexes are all about quick success and the thrill in between.

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Gambling Men vs Women

Everyone has their typical picture of the gambler on the Internet. Usually, a middle-aged man hovers in front of you, the windows shut, the room darkens. The typical person is said to only watch TV all day or plays video games for hours. We wanted to take a look behind the scenes and looked into whether this stereotype could be met in any way. So which gender wins the fight in gambling?

It’s True: Men dominate the Scene

If one looks at the branch of the gambling industry, one actually finds that predominantly men can be found on the various sides of the providers. And not only that: men not only play more, they also play for higher amounts. This is probably attributable to the greater willingness to take risks that the male gender simply entails.

Still, others claim that men’s higher wages are responsible for this, but that’s more to do with speculation. However, the fact is that 9.6% of all men in Germany have already tried their luck at various online casinos or casino slot machines. Only 2.9% of women stated that they belonged to this group.


But of course, there is also – the gambler. The proportion of women at online casinos has increased significantly in recent years. It is striking that female players behave differently from their male counterparts when gambling. While the man mostly uses classic roulette, blackjack, or poker, women have other interests.

They are increasingly indulging in casino slot machines. These require far less time to understand the rules perfectly, you can start right away and competition is also excluded. No wonder that there are now countless casino slot machines that are primarily aimed at the female target group.

Friends of “soft gambling”

So women are more of the ‘casual’ player type, the one who occasionally spins a few times. This means that large sums of money do not have to be made, but great fun is still guaranteed. Research also shows that women are socially more anxious and therefore find the lonely experience of casino slot machines very pleasant. Slots – like bingo, which is also very popular in the women’s world – are known as “soft gambling”. This term stems from the fact that the stakes can be kept very low and the risk is thereby minimized.

Finally, it can be observed that women always remain very loyal to their favorite games. Once you have decided on a certain casino slot machine, this type will probably remain the only medium of gambling for a long time. This is probably because women often take more time in general decision-making than men. So they choose their respective desired item more carefully and carefully when it comes to gambling anything but a disadvantage.


So who is it that on average wins rather than losses, men or women? There is only a limited answer to this question, but there are many indications that it is actually the female gender. The reason is simple and obvious. Women are usually not as competitive and dogged as men. This is also reflected in gambling. A woman who will rarely put everything on one card, is more at a small risk. In addition, for great fun, it does not require excessive thrills by betting huge sums.

Men can still learn a lot from women

So this means that women don’t necessarily win more, but definitely lose less. They also keep their cooler head in certain situations and are not frightened of unwise actions. On this point, men can still learn a lot from women.

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