Hero clash

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In Hero Clash you must fight the battles on the ground by placing your Hero stones on the battle field. Once a Hero is killed by the enemy, the game ends and your hero dies and you have to wait until your next turn if you wish to try again that same battle. Each Hero has special abilities and attributes that can make them useful in a battle. You will notice that the game is a little bit action and exciting and even though it has the same basic platform and mechanics of other slots games such as Monopoly or Slot Machine, it adds a little something more. In this guide we will be showing you a quick strategy for winning with Hero Clash.

In Hero Clash, you must build up your base to earn coins and use those coins to place your four heroes on the battlefield. The four heroes have special abilities that will allow them to fight off the waves of the opposing players. It will be important to know when the right time to trigger the special abilities of your heroes so that you can make the winning play. When playing on an online slot machine like Hero Clash, you will notice that the winning combination is always six or seven coins. To make this extra straight forward win, you need to trigger four different bonus rounds, making sure to use your hero’s special ability as often as possible during these bonus rounds.

One of the best ways to maximize the potential winnings in Hero Clash is to play it with the “Gamble” feature enabled. This “Gamble” feature can be used in all versions of the game, including the free spin versions, which is one of the reasons why it is the most popular version of the game. The “Gamble” feature enables you to place a bet of 100 cents each on all the coins in the battle field. Since you are not paying real money for your bets, you can minimize your risks without incurring additional cost. When you use the “Gamble” feature wisely, you can easily make more than a hundred dollars in one day and this makes the game all the more lucrative.