Joker Wild Blaster

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A new release from Electronic Arts, Joker Wild Blaster is a new high-speed, wild icon wild slots game in the new “Revenge of Monkey” series of online slots. A unique feature of the game is that each time you play, a random wild icon is chosen, adding some excitement to the game. In this game, you have to use the mouse to trigger icon selections, and for that you have to hit the appropriate trigger buttons. This is simple, but it adds an addictive quality to the game.

For this game, we have re-created the classic slots experience, with some twists here and there. Joker Wild Blaster is a 3 9 slot game, played on the total 10 fixed pay lines. Slots are arranged in two columns, with two “wilds” on either side of every line. Wild icons spread, changing all wild icons on the reel in various directions. When joining either wild column, trigger the automatic wild multiplier feature, gaining big wins.

This latest title by Electronic Arts, a top name in online casino games, is perfect for any fan of classic slots. It gives the traditional feel to the game, while introducing some fun new features to the table. Playing the Joker Wild Blaster online, you will have the chance to win big, gain big jackpots and be the envy of your friends. With the help of a mouse, you can easily trigger icons to gain big wins and be the next millionaire.