Street magic

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Street Magic is an exciting new 20-line craps bonus online from Play’n Go with more than 20 pay lines. The interactive game on Play’n Go gives players the opportunity to earn instant cash by spinning their wheels while they wait in the casino lobby. The craps game on Street Magic is a “sticky” bonus game – which means that your winnings are subject to the amount of time you spend in the casino. With a generous top prize of $2021, the craps game on Street Magic is an exciting craps bonus that won’t take too long to accumulate!

To play Street Magic, you’ll need to download the free downloadable version of the software for your computer. Then click on the “Street Magic” icon, located on the screen’s right side, next to the “Slots”. To play the game, you’ll use your mouse or keyboard to spin the wheel and “pour” money onto the Magical Pool. There are no icons or flashing lights – just a steady stream of money that continually rolls down the Magical Pool. You’ll want to save your collected money so you can use it on the higher paylines when you enter the casino – but be careful not to touch the bottom of the pool! If you fall to the craps floor, you will lose all of your money!

There are a number of free spins round the Magical Pool that are worth 10% of your prize. The highest paying double combination is the one with the maximum payout of triple dollars. Other popular double combination is the double green or the red coins in a straight line. Another trick with a minimum payout is to flip two coins at once. Most importantly, try your best to complete all the bonus features listed above before you hit the big time!