Viking smash

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Viking Smash is a high-speed, action packed slot game from Playtech. What does a Viking battle between hammering Vikings seem like? The Viking Smash slot machine is a Stake logic online slot game where the Viking natives take the roles of warriors preparing for battle. This exciting game is played on five machines and offers nearly 243 different ways to win (instead of the traditional “paylines”). This makes the Viking Smash one of the most exciting slots to play in a casino, and it’s fun for both sides of the coin, the bonus fans and the players who simply enjoy a great game.

When you play the Viking smash game, you’ll find yourself in the role of a Norse warrior as you engage in real-life battles with other warriors from the age of fire. The exciting thing about this game, however, is that instead of winning actual money, you are given free spins on the machines to use on the machine’s “credit.” Playing the bonus rounds are a little bit of a nuisance because you have to wait until you reach a certain amount of money on one of the machines before you can “spend” and take your credit from the machine. This can become frustrating, but it’s important not to worry too much about it since you are actually using your time wisely.

In addition to earning a bonus, winning a set amount of money on one of the machines will send you home with the complete set of items for two Viking warriors. Equipments such as helmets, long swords, shield, grommets, a Viking chest pack, bracers, and boots are all that you will be given when you win a set amount of money. While the Viking Super Slot machine might seem like a straightforward casino game, the truth is that there are several different parts to it that are designed to challenge both your timing and gambling skills. Viking smash games like the Rave on the slots are designed to make you think ahead of your casino opponents so that you can maximize your own profits while suffering only a small loss. Since these machines do pay off real cash, they aren’t just meant for those who want to play strictly for fun.