Warning for Online Casino in Macau

In Germany too, there is disagreement about gaming licenses. Negotiations are ongoing and online casinos are still in a gray area. The situation is similar in Macau and many other regions, and online gambling is often even completely prohibited. A Macau casino has now received a warning because online play is prohibited there.

Illegal Online and Telephone Betting

Illegal Online Casino

Macau Casino is part of the Suncity Group and was cautioned because it gave players the ability to place bets over the phone or online. Offering such bets to Chinese citizens is prohibited in the autonomous region.

The evidence is currently still unclear, and one does not know exactly where these allegations come from. The warning was nevertheless issued and made clear to the operators that such offers were absolutely not desired.

Warning without consequences

The Macau casino may no longer offer online betting, but the company did not have a fine or anything similar. Who is also really right, can not be finally clarified because the evidence is missing. In any case, it is clear that Macau has its own way of dealing with online gambling. One of the reasons that makes it so exciting is that Macau is probably the location with the highest turnover for casinos, worldwide!

Why online casinos are not permitted in Macau is also unclear. After all, players can enter the region’s land-based casinos anytime, anywhere. Small and very high bets can be made there, and gambling is definitely promoted accordingly. But when it comes to online gambling, the authorities understand no fun. Protection of minors, in particular, is emphasized at this point, but it seems pretty clear that there are more economic concerns behind it.

Ever-increasing sales in Macau

Gambling is booming in Macau. Turnover is increasing rapidly, the casinos in the region can currently achieve a turnover of more than 94 million euros – in one week! Compared to previous years, there is a significant increase here, so gambling undoubtedly seems to be gaining popularity and attracting people from all over the world.

It is important for the Macau government that casinos continue to boom. No wonder, after all, the region’s economy depends on the flourishing of the game stores. At the moment, however, it certainly doesn’t look as if the hype surrounding the casinos will end. In particular, millionaires and successful entrepreneurs always end up in the Macau casinos. This is not least due to the fact that the betting limits in the casinos are incredibly high.

In general, online casinos have a rather bad reputation in many countries. Perhaps this also applies to Macau, because here you consciously choose the experience in a real casino. The authorities also prohibit online gambling, which is why a better image for online casinos seems unlikely.

All over the world, casino operators face the same problem, and Germany is no exception. So it remains exciting in which direction the online market will develop.

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“Participation ban applies immediately”

Accordingly, all parties involved in payment transactions are prohibited from participating in payments in connection with unauthorized gambling. “This prohibition on participation applies directly and obliges the payment service providers to take appropriate, independent measures,” the letter said.

In recent years, reporters from NDR and the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” have repeatedly reported that German banks transfer money to illegal online casinos or make payments – although this is prohibited by law. In many cases, the providers of these casinos are located abroad and are difficult for German authorities to prosecute.

Prohibitions possible

The Interior Ministry reminds the banking associations that it has the power to prohibit payments with a “nationwide effect” and refers to a message from June 2019. At that time, the Lower Saxony Ministry had publicly announced that it was “a large, internationally active payment service provider to participate in Prohibited payment transactions in connection with illegal gaming in Germany “.

According to NDR information, this is PayPal, one of the world’s leading providers of payment services on the Internet. PayPal said on request that they had not acted against the ban and had withdrawn from the casino market. The current letter to the bank associations now says: “Further prohibition orders are expected to follow.”

Known problem

The topic has been known in the banking industry for years. Individual banks have become active, but many seem to like to continue earning from the business. NDR reporters, for example, were able to view bank statements, which show that high fees are often incurred specially for credit card payments to casinos.

At the request of the NDR, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, Bafin, announced that “financial service providers who are accused of doing business with unauthorized gambling providers have already taken various measures to avoid transactions relating to unauthorized gambling”.

Participation in prohibited gambling is still possible

In fact, the online casino market has recently shrunk, according to country gaming regulators. Individual administrative measures are obviously effective. Nevertheless, illegal casinos continue to advertise for German customers and many large sports betting providers also offer illegal casinos. Participation in banned gambling for money on the Internet is still possible from Germany without any problems.

Around a week ago, the countries had agreed that Internet gambling should be partially legalized by the summer of 2021. At the same time, control should be expanded. The regulations for credit and financial institutions will then also be tightened. In the future, gaming regulators should be able to act faster against providers who process payments for illegal gambling.

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